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Our efforts extend beyond mere company building. We are dedicated to channeling latent potential towards the greater good.


Our Companies

At present, our organization oversees three prominent startups that have originated from our flagship venture, Retech Projects. Retech Projects caters to engineering students by providing assistance and support in their coursework internships and project work, and conducts all research activities for our affiliated enterprises. Retech Lasers focuses on the manufacture of machinery which utilizes laser technology as its core component. Additionally, we are currently engaged in concurrent efforts to design and develop BLDC motors, spearheaded by Retech Motors. Our organization remains committed to providing opportunities to young graduates, and we encourage interested parties to join us in our mission.

Retech Projects

Our organization is widely recognized as a premier provider of internships and training programs for aspiring engineers.


Retech Lasers

Our machinery is designed to incorporate cutting-edge laser technology, ensuring optimal performance and top-of-the-line results.

Retech Motors

Our optimized motors are tailored to meet all of your requirements, making the once difficult field of electromagnetics more accessible than ever.

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Laser Machines and Motors

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